About the Authors

Originally from New York, Erik Laurence‘s first trip to China was in 1993 for a business meeting. Upon his return, he vowed that if he never visited China again for the rest of his life, that would be just fine. Fast forward 16 years, and he finds himself speaking Chinese and living in Shanghai with his family. This blog is the story of how that happened, and some of the fun he had along the way.

Co-authors and brothers Trevor and Erik Laurence at the Great Wall in 2010.

Trevor Laurence visited his brother, Erik, in Shanghai in November of 2010 and found modern life in China both intriguing and perplexing.  After hearing Erik’s personal and professional stories and insights into everyday Chinese life, Trevor told Erik he’d be missing a great creative opportunity if he didn’t write a book while the material was still fresh in his head. Erik thoughtfully replied, “If it’s so great, then why don’t you write it with me?”

So the brothers spent the next few weeks traveling around Shanghai and Beijing as they began outlining the project. The stories are mostly Erik’s, but the blog is a joint effort. They have rewritten each other’s work so many times that it’s impossible to tell who wrote what.

The Laurence brothers strive to both inform and entertain as they convey the essence of the expat experience in China. While they changed a few names to avoid offending the living, and condensed some details for the sake of good narrative flow, the result accurately reflects the way that Erik experienced it.

Trained in engineering and business, Erik’s work as an executive with a series of technology companies has taken him to a variety of conference rooms all over the world.

A documentary film editor and producer, Trevor also writes comedy for TV personalities, and hopes to someday follow in his brother’s footsteps by moving to a country he has vowed never to return to.